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Learning and Teaching at Kilkenny City Vocational School

At KCVS, we take a holistic view of learning and of the learner. We promote the need for students to develop a broad range of skills, competences and values that enable personal well-being, active citizenship and lifelong learning. Learning experiences for all students should therefore be broad, balanced, challenging and responsive to individual needs.

We recognise the importance of quality teaching and we realise that the most powerful influence on student achievement is excellence in teaching. We ensure that career-long professional development is central to our teacher’s work. Teachers are enabled to work individually and collectively to build their professional capacity in order to support continuous improvement in teaching and learning.

This manual offers inclusive teaching and learning strategies and resources that are aligned with Junior Cycle Key Skills and can be utilised to effectively assess learner experiences and outcomes in all lessons. The following is a list of these strategies and resources that can be accessed in detail in Appendices Section of this document. Further information can be accessed at, and

  • The Blue Sky Strategy
  • The Diamond 9 Strategy
  • Kahoot Quizzing and Discussions
  • The Placement Strategy
  • The Think-Pair-Share Strategy
  • Surveys/Menti-meter
  • The Mind-Map Coogle Strategy
  • Peer Assessment
  • Peer Feedback
  • The KWL Strategy
  • The Magenta Principles


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