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KCVS Literacy Strategies 2022-2023

Students will notice a print-rich environment throughout the school and sample books from reading corners.

Students will use ‘My Editing Checklist.’

Students will fill out their diary first class every Monday. Students will learn their subject specific keywords.

Students will participate in a termly no pen class to improve their oral language skills.

Students will read books from our JCSP digital library/school library/county library.

Students will improve their digital literacy skills by using Microsoft Teams for their learning and communication.

My Editing Checklist

I have checked that:


My sentences start with a capital letter and finish with a full stop.

Proper nouns have capital letters.

(A person’s name, place or organisation)

Quotation marks are used to signal someone is speaking.

Commas are used to separate items on lists.

Apostrophes are used to signal missing letters.

Correct Spelling.

Good Handwriting.

Does it make sense?

Wow Words.

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