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1st Year: This term, 1st Year students have been settling into their chosen subject. This term students learned about animal and plant cells. They viewed the structures of both types of cells while learning how to use a light microscope and prepare animal and plant cell slides. They looked at the differences between both cells and the function of the cell organelles. Here is some example of animal and plant cell models made by the students out of play dough.

MicrosoftTeams-image (31).pngMicrosoftTeams-image (30).pngMicrosoftTeams-image (29).png

2nd Year: 2nd Year students have been learning about materials and forces. They have investigated the properties of different materials and how they are suited for their use. They have also started learning about the different types of forces and Newtons 3 Laws. They even completed a ‘floating hammer’ challenge where they had to make a hammer balance over the edge of a table on 3 inches of a ruler. This is made possible by the different direction of the forces acting on the model.

Balance Science.png

3rd Year: 3rd Year students have been focusing on the different types of cell processes – particularly photosynthesis and respiration. Students investigated the factors required for photosynthesis and respiration as well as what each process produces. Below is an example of an activity completed by the students using the concept of the Magenta Principles. Students were required to make a model of photosynthesis using only the items that they had in their pencil case or bag.

Pockets Biology.png


6th Year students are currently learning about All Things Plants. So far they have studied The Structure of Flowering Plants as well as Transport, Storage and Gas Exchange in plants. After the midterm break we will be moving on to Reproduction in Plants. We have also been working hard on exam papers every Friday. Bellow is an example of a dissected flower which shows the parts of a flowering plant.



5th Year students have spent this term learning about moles – how to calculate moles, converting moles to molecules to atoms, finding the moles of gases. They have also completed stoichiometry – calculating the empirical formula, molecular formula, percentage yield, and limiting reagent.

6th Year students have powered through gas laws, acids and bases, pH and indicators, and chemical equilibrium. The completed a very successful experiment which involved finding the Molecular Mass of a Volatile Liquid.

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