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Graphics/DCG Teaching & Learning October Update

1st – After completing their taster modules the first year students who chose Graphics have been learning about basic constructions and angles this term and will be progressing on to circles and tangents at the end of the term. They have also been introduced to CAD and 3D printing and designed and printed their own keyring.

TG 1st years.

2nd – Second year Graphics students have been working hard on the topics of ellipses and parabolas. They have been learning the constructions of both of the curves but also been challenged to identify examples of the curves in real life.

TG 2nd Years.

3rd – Third year Graphics students have completed their CBA2 on the Geometry of Candleholders. Identifying the shape, form and geometry of them and presenting it through appropriate and neat media. They are starting their JC project which is worth 30% in the next two weeks.

TG 3rd Years.

4th – TY DCG have been getting introduced to different projection systems working on Orthographic Projection and Axonometric Projection. They have also been working on freehand sketching and shadowing and shading.

DCG TY and 5th.

5th – The Fifth year DCG students have been studying Orthographic and Auxiliary projection this term. This is a very important topic as it sets a good base for other topics they will be studying this year.

6th – The Sixth year DCG students have been completing their Leaving Certificate Project which is worth 40% of their final grade. The topic is a Desk Lamp for Higher Level and a Vanity Mirror for Ordinary Level.

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